As a Company, do you want to easily access liquidity and increase your enterprise value

at lowest cost?

FeenPOP develops and operates a Marketplace for any businesses (Corporates to SMEs) that brings an unmatched short-term financing and global trade finance solution:

- Submit all your receivables with no limits

- Liquidity for a fraction of the existing solutions cost: 2 to 8 times cheaper!

- Get your money directly and instantly in your account

- Manage your short term cash flow as never before, 100% digital!

- Bring high enterprise value back to your shareholders

- Access new funding lines due to improved continous working capital management 

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Sense to Finance Services

Leverage value creation of the whole finance ecosystems for economic growth & sustainability

FIRTechs (FinTechs, InsurTechs & RegTechs) Innovation for Corporates, Bank, Insurance & Investors Businesses through Flexible & Cost effective Models of Crossborder Channels, Transactions & Data.

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