Where we embrace the Global Financial Ecosystems (Corporates/Banks/Insurance/Investors) on our 

Open Trading Platform to drive agile digital execution and business collaboration for

disruptive Financial Services execution... 



to FeenPOP

(Sense to Finance Services)

Finance Innovation through Open Exchange Platform



Our DNA aims to make "Sense to Finance Services"

by leveraging value creation for all financial ecosystems

> Shaking Bank & Insurance with FinTechs, InsurTechs & RegTechs

At the surface, we’re a talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a groundbreaking idea that we hope will contribute towards a better tomorrow in Financial Services. Whether we’re at meetings with customers or partners and even with potential investors or we’re out in the world sharing our ideas. The project of our startup has been started since 2017 and incorporated in 2020, and this is just the beginning of FinTech, InsurTech & RegTech Innovation.

We are always serving and gathering information feedback from our clients in order to learn what we should do differently in order to satisfy the greatest amount of people within our market segments. The idea is that once we improve who and how we’re selling better our services to, our Global Hub of Business Transactions Services & Data Analytics Platform will be easily scalable for high growth.

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At FeenPOP our comprehensive technological solutions help Banks and Insurance as well as Companies of all size and Investors to achieve greater digital transformation toward renewed Supply Chain Finance model. Our collaboration approach and our open platform (Paas) has a wide range of features created with an aim to select/connect/operate business services.

FeenPOP is building upon inside & outside technologies, in order to empower our customers to deliver better and faster financial services at lower cost.



Sense to Finance Services

Leverage value creation of the whole finance ecosystems for economic growth & sustainability

FIRTechs (FinTechs, InsurTechs & RegTechs) Innovation for Corporates, Bank, Insurance & Investors Businesses through Flexible & Cost effective Models of Crossborder Channels, Transactions & Data.




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