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Our mission is to bring unmatched short-term financing & working capital improvement solutions (with no debt) to Corporates and SMEs through NFTs Marketplace that embeds all the ecosystems of banks (new business line at no risks on capital), insurers (new business line) and investors (new market with yield).

=> Our commitment is towards global sustainability based on balanced and shared value to all players of the Finance Value Chain for the benefits of whole economy.

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Business Financing & Investing at Scale 

Finance Innovation through our White Label Platform



Since inception our European DNA aims to make "Sense to Finance Services"

by leveraging value creation for all financial ecosystems players.

We are a Pan-European disruptive technology Company with finance expertise.

We develop a unique, 100% digital, blockchain based crypto-assets trading platform and services open to professional investors in order to provide immediate, easier and cheaper liquidity to all types of businesses.

=> Payment default risks are covered by various levels of guarantees and investments are flagged with credit ratings and Green/ESG Impact ratings.

At the surface, we’re a talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a groundbreaking idea that we hope will contribute towards a better tomorrow in Financial Services. Whether we’re at meetings with customers or partners and even with potential investors or we’re out in the world sharing our ideas.

The idea is that once we improve who and how we’re selling better our services to, our Global Hub of Business Transactions Services & Data Analytics Platform are easily scalable for global high growth.

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At FeenPOP our comprehensive technological solutions help Banks and Insurance as well as Companies of all size and Investors to achieve greater digital transformation toward renewed Supply Chain Finance model. Our collaboration approach and our open platform (Paas) has a wide range of features created with an aim to select/connect/operate business services.

FeenPOP is building upon inside & outside technologies, in order to empower our customers to deliver better and faster financial services at lower cost.

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Sense to Finance Services

Leverage value creation of the whole finance ecosystems for economic growth & sustainability

FIRTechs (FinTechs, InsurTechs & RegTechs) Innovation for Corporates, Bank, Insurance & Investors Businesses through Flexible & Cost effective Models of Crossborder Channels, Transactions & Data.

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